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The Perseid Collapse Series

2019. The United States is under attack. Six years after the Jakarta Pandemic killed twenty-eight million Americans, a new nightmare has been unleashed. In the blink of an eye, more than three hundred million Americans lose power, nine out ten cars are rendered useless and anything connected to the power grid is instantly destroyed. Most are blissfully asleep when it happens, unaware that their lives have been forever changed. In the wake of the attack, unlikely heroes will rise and inconceivable evils will emerge. The prepared will survive—the rest will be thrown at the mercy of an unforgiving aftermath. From the windswept steppes of western China to low-earth orbit aboard the International Space Station. From the rocky coast of Maine to the rubble strewn streets of a post-apocalyptic Boston. The Perseid Collapse World offers a nearly unlimited platform to explore the “survivor” in you.

Content Guidelines

Be sure to read and follow the Content Guidelines while writing your story. Your story will be reviewed and will only be eligible for publication if the Content Guidelines are followed. See our Help pages and the Most Common Failures for more information.

  1. Respect the Rights of Others: We take violations of laws and proprietary rights very seriously. It is your responsibility to ensure that your content complies with all laws and does not violate the copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other right of any other person. The use of unauthorized third party intellectual property (including but not limited to characters, logos, or lyrics) is prohibited.
  2. Create High-Quality Works: An excellent customer reading experience is paramount to Kindle Worlds. Poorly formatted books and books with misleading titles, cover art, or product descriptions will not be published. We reserve the right to determine whether content provides a poor customer experience.
  3. Promote Your Creative Vision: Your writing and vision should be the focus in your Kindle Worlds fiction. Paid advertising or excessive use of brand names is prohibited.
  4. Cultivate One World at a Time: We don't permit crossovers from other Worlds, meaning your work may not include elements of any copyright-protected book, movie, or other property outside of the elements of this World.
  5. Craft Romance with Intention: Sexual content, including erotica, is permitted, but we don't accept pornography or offensive depictions of graphic sexual acts. Please reference the canon to guide you through what is acceptable in this category.
  6. Choose Your Words with Care: Offensive content is prohibited, including but not limited to racial slurs, excessively graphic or violent material, or excessive use of foul language.
  7. Design a Unique Cover and Pick an Original Title: Your Kindle Worlds story is not permitted to include a title or cover that is the same as or is misleadingly similar to any title or cover in this World's canon.
  8. Submit Relevant Fiction: Stories must be based on characters, scenes, events, themes, and/or plots appearing in novels, novellas, and short stories in The Perseid Collapse series and The Jakarta Pandemic authored by Steven Konkoly.
  9. Get a Running Start: Writers interested in contributing to The Perseid Collapse Series can find a primer and other World resources at http://stevenkonkoly.com/author-primer.
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