Rights and the Publication Agreement

How do the rights work in Kindle Worlds?    

Kindle Worlds is a creative community that includes you, the World Licensor, and other Kindle Worlds authors. Every story you publish adds to a World and becomes part of that World. We will allow other Kindle Worlds authors to use and build upon your new elements. Likewise, you may build on other Kindle Worlds stories. A World expands with each new story. Amazon Publishing and the World Licensor may also incorporate your new elements into other works they create without any further compensation to you. Due to this, there are important things for you to know about how the rights work. You will own the copyright to the original, copyrightable elements (such as characters, scenes, and events) that you create and include in your work, and the World Licensor will retain the copyright to all of the original elements of the World. When you submit your story in a World, you grant Amazon Publishing an exclusive license to the story and all of the original elements you include in that story for the term of copyright. This means that your story and all of the new elements must stay within the applicable World, and you can use only this platform to write about them.  We recommend that you do not incorporate an original character or elements unless you want them to become an exclusive part of that World. In short, Kindle Worlds is a place to be creative and explore a popular World, but anything you create will become part of that World. If this is not right for you, Amazon has many platforms (including Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace) for writers who want to be creative with original ideas but do not want their work under this kind of license.

Why is the license for term of copyright?

Term of copyright is quite common in publishing and work-for-hire agreements. It is necessary in this instance due to the nature of our licensing deals with World Licensors.

Can I use elements from other Kindle Worlds stories in my own Kindle Worlds story?

Yes, you may build on the ideas, characters, and story lines you find in other Kindle Worlds stories. Simply keep it within the same World. It is also important that your story is your own and not copied from somebody else's Kindle Worlds story with just a few changes. Build on other Kindle Worlds stories, but make them your own.

Is there a way for me to acknowledge another Kindle Worlds author if I build on his or her ideas, stories, or characters?

We think attribution is vital to the development of community, and we encourage you to include an Acknowledgements section in your work to call out the other Kindle Worlds authors who have inspired you.

Can somebody make a movie, game, or merchandise based on my story?

In order to avoid any questions about the origination of story ideas, Amazon Publishing and the World Licensors have reserved the right to create movies, TV shows, games, merchandise, and other derivative works based on the stories and new elements published by Kindle Worlds. If a movie, TV show, or game gets made based on your story or elements in your story, you will benefit from the ongoing royalties generated from sales of your work.

What if I want to get my rights back? Can they get reverted?

Due to our licensing arrangements with World Licensors and the unique, collaborative nature of each World, once your story has been accepted and published in Kindle Worlds, we are unable to revert the rights.

Can I publish the same stories in other places (free fiction sites, blogs, or with another publisher)?

Stories must be exclusive to Kindle Worlds and may not appear or be published in other places. If you would like, you can promote your story by making available up to 20% of your work for free on your website or blog. We recommend linking it back to your detail page.

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