Content Guidelines and Review Process

Are there rules for Kindle Worlds stories?

Stories must be relevant to the World you select. A relevant story often includes one or more copyrightable element of that World--things like characters, settings, and events. World Licensors have provided Content Guidelines for each World, and your work must follow them. You should read the Content Guidelines before you commit the time and effort to write, and check them again before you submit your work, in case they've changed.

What about mature content?

Each World Licensor will have a different tolerance for mature content and a sense of what is appropriate for their audience. Their guidelines for each World are posted on the Kindle Worlds Self-Service Submission Platform. We'll review your submission to make sure it is in bounds. If we have any questions during the review process, we'll let you know. In general, we have a strong bias to give as much creative freedom as possible within each World.

How will my work be reviewed before it is published?

We review every story in Kindle Worlds to ensure that it follows the applicable Content Guidelines. We make sure your story is your own and not copied from another source (including a Kindle Worlds story). We look for anything that creates a poor reading experience (formatting issues, line breaks, etc.). This process typically takes a day or two; if it is going to take longer, we’ll let you know. If we have any questions or feel that your work does not follow the applicable Content Guidelines, we'll contact you via e-mail. You'll have a chance to revise your work accordingly. We reserve the right to take down any work after it is published if we become aware of infractions. The rights for any story that is not accepted by Kindle Worlds will remain with the author. In short: let your imagination soar, follow the rules, and we very much expect to publish your story.

Can I write a crossover (e.g., take a character from one World and put him or her in another World)?

Our licensing agreements with the World Licensors do not currently permit it. We think it is an awesome idea, though, and hope to be able to offer it in the future.

Can I publish fan fiction on Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace?

Not for the Worlds we have licensed in Kindle Worlds. KDP’s copyright guidelines are here and CreateSpace's copyright guidelines are here.

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