Design Guide for Kindle Worlds Stories

This is a simplified guide for building Kindle Worlds manuscripts using Microsoft Word.

Building Your Manuscript

Word is a great tool for designing Kindle Worlds stories because it's extremely easy to format for Kindle. We suggest writing your story in Word or converting an existing source file into Word (.doc or .docx) format before continuing. Remember these important tips below to ensure an excellent eBook presentation.

File Format: Save your content in DOC (.doc or .docx) format, and save your work periodically as you make changes to ensure all changes are recorded.

Font: Kindle Worlds accepts content in English only. Avoid using colored fonts as they may not appear correctly on all devices. Bold, Italic and underline are accepted as well as strike through. Use these sparingly though as too much unique formatting can be distracting to the reader.

Note that the default font color in Word is automatic. It is best to keep this setting as it will insure the font color changes based on the readers Kindle settings. Failure to do so may lead to disappearing text and a poor reader experience.

Paragraph Layout: If you choose to indent paragraphs in your content, don’t use tab-spacing. This will not convert for the Kindle. Instead, use the Word-default Paragraph Formatting to indent paragraphs. There are two ways in which you can indent paragraphs:

1. Click on "Page Layout" and specify the amount of indentation in the "Indent" option.

2. Use the ruler at the top of the page to change the indentation. If you don’t see a ruler in your Word document, click on "View" and check the Ruler option.

You can also follow the guide here:

Page Breaks: Enter a page break at the end of every chapter to prevent the text from running together. To insert a page break in MS Word, click "Insert" at the top menu bar and select "Page Break."

Images: Images are not permitted in Kindle Worlds stories.

Spellcheck and Grammar: This tool is always your friend to ensure a professional presentation free of typos. Use this tool, but also manually proofread your file to ensure no errors are missed by the automated checker. After uploading your formatted manuscript you will have an opportunity to quality check your story using our Kindle previewer tool.

Creating Front Matter

Front matter is the beginning pages of a manuscript, which may include a Title Page, Dedication, Preface, and Prologue. For a stylish and professional presentation, you should add a Title Page at a minimum. We will add a copyright page to your Kindle Worlds title pre-publishing so there is no need to include one in the front matter.

Title Page: The title page should be centered with the title on top and Author Name underneath, like in the example below. Insert a page break.

Design Guide For Kindle Worlds Stories

By I.M. Writing

-Insert Page Break Here-

To insert a page break in Word, click "Insert" at the top menu bar and select "Page Break."

Dedication: If you have a customized Dedication, it should follow the title page. Be sure to insert a page break after the dedication.

Acknowledgments: We encourage you to include an Acknowledgements section in your work to call out the other Kindle Worlds authors who have inspired you.

Preface: If you have a Preface, it should follow the Acknowledgments. Be sure to insert a page break.

Prologue: If your story includes a Prologue, it should follow the Preface. Be sure to insert a page break here as well.

Formatting Text

Once your front matter is complete, you're ready to format the remainder of your text. The indentations, text spacing, and separate paragraphs should have been included when you built your manuscript in Word.

The remaining step is to insert a page break after the last sentence of each chapter in the manuscript to prevent chapters from running together. Depending on the number of chapters you have, this may be a time-consuming process but the effort is worth the improved reading experience.

Creating an Active Table of Contents

If you have written a short story [5,000 – 9,999 words] an active table of contents is not required. However for larger works an active table of contents may be beneficial. Table of contents are not required but they can improve the reader’s experience.

You can use Microsoft Word’s in-built Table of Contents creator to create an active TOC for your story. More information can be found here:

On a Mac, you'll need to create a Table of Contents manually using the Hyperlink and Bookmark functions.

Once the Table of Contents is built the next step is setting a bookmark for the device to recognize the Table of Contents. Place the cursor at the beginning of the first entry in the Table of Contents page. Click on "Insert > Bookmark." In the "Bookmark name:" field, type "TOC" (without the quotes) and click "Add." This will direct the reader to this page when they click Go to Table of Contents on their device.

Creating Back Matter

Back matter consists of the last pages in your story which provides additional information the reader should know about, such as Bibliographies, Appendices, Notes or Glossaries.

There isn't a specific order which back matter should be presented in, so use your judgment and be sure to insert page breaks after each section. Indexes are not recommended as readers can instantly search within the story without need of an index.

Uploading your Manuscript to Kindle Worlds

Once you're satisfied with the quality and presentation of your manuscript, upload the Word file to Kindle Worlds. Within Kindle Worlds you can add or create a cover using our Cover Creator tool.

Make sure to preview your Kindle Worlds manuscript using the embedded previewer to ensure quality reader experience prior to submission. Important areas to check are fonts, breaks, paragraph indents as well as how the story looks on color devices "night mode" setting. First impressions count so make sure to QA your manuscript before submission.

Within two business days you will be notified of the status of the submission.

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