Most Common Failures

Avoid common failures in Kindle Worlds:

  1. Don't include a copyright statement. But don't worry, we've got you covered! Kindle Worlds will automatically add the proper copyright statement to your story. If you use software that regularly adds a copyright statement for you, be sure to remove this statement from your manuscript before submitting to Kindle Worlds.
  3. Avoid images in your story. While we want to allow interior images and illustrations, we can only accept pure text right now. Author photos can be added to your Author Central page. 
  5. Double check that your title appears on your cover. Try Cover Creator to customize your own cover image, but be sure to retype your title and author name when using the tool. 
  7. Be careful with background colors and formatting. Having forced black or white background color in your manuscript will cause your text to become unreadable. Try using Kindle Previewer to preview how your file will look on various Kindle devices and apps. Be sure to pay special attention to how your work looks when the device option is set to Kindle Fire. 
  9. Use caution if submitting a synopsis or excerpt from another work. All submitted material becomes part of the World Licensor agreement, including any additional back matter. The best way to promote your other works is by including a link to your Author Central page, where readers can find a complete list of your publications.
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